Una, Team Member, Quick Kitchen

Una, Team Member, Quick Kitchen

I enjoy working in the Quick Kitchen, because everyone’s really lovely, and the staff there are very friendly and welcoming.”

I work in the Quick Kitchen on Northbound, my job title at the moment is Team Member. I joined the company in 2017, and I’d progressed to become a Team Leader. However recently I decided to become at Teacher, so I’ve gone part time back to a Team Member doing 2 days a week. I’m doing 5 days a week at the moment in the school holidays, just to earn some more money. The managers are very great about stuff like that, they always check with me when I can work, and if I want to work - they’re not very pressuring about stuff like that which is brilliant.

I’d seen adverts in newspapers, and I had a couple of friends who worked here as well so they recommended me as a team member. I catch the colleague bus every day, I live in Kingsway which is on the route to work, so it's pretty perfect, not too far from my house.

I work 8 hours shifts, the core shifts so I can catch the bus, which is very helpful as I don’t drive. My day normally starts at either 6am or 2pm, it starts with the team leaders, or whoever's in charge, delegating all the team members to their stations, so I know where we are. Then once it gets busy you know who’s where and who’s responsible for which area.

It does get really busy, so there's a lot to do.

It’s very helpful as a student, as I recently became a student, that we have free sandwiches and soups, as I do sometimes run out of money, because of student nights out and stuff like that. It’s very helpful that you get free lunch, even little things like that, that you have that option is really good. 75% off a toastie is great!”