Welcome from Nabil and the Westmorland Family Office team

Nabil - CEO, Westmorland

The Westmorland Family is a growing group of motorway service areas with a difference, which grew from the Dunning family Farm in Cumbria, when the M6 was built through our land.

“Westmorland began as a family business, and that guides every decision we make to this day. Like a family, every person at Westmorland has a voice in the business and we listen to all equally, through colleagues network groups, annual colleague surveys, colleague newsletters, your relationship with your manager, and more.

Having worked for many brands personally in the past, here at Westmorland we have a real and unique desire to celebrate the reality of our environment and place, and the amazing products, people and communities at each of our business locations. We’re a truly unique business that genuinely and honestly operates from Farm to Fork.

Our Cause is different to others on the motorway service network, and as a result we attract like minded people, those who have a desire to think innovatively at all levels of the business, from Team Member to CEO.

If it feels different here it's because we are, Work somewhere, not anywhere. Be part of our story. We can't wait to meet you.”

By joining our team, you’ll be part of an established business that welcomes over 10 million customers through its doors every year. Be part of our success, apply today!

Nabil Subuh
Chief Operating Officer

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24 May 2023
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Permanent - Full Time


In our Farmshops, we work tirelessly to find small exceptional producers, always starting locally. Our Buyers each have a specialist area, meaning they have close relationships with each producer, often collaborating with them on exclusive partnership food and lifestyle products.

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We make all our own food from scratch. We develop the recipes and make them ourselves in our Kitchens. Our Food Development team are passionate about good food, inspired by time-honoured classics and new innovative dishes too - always starting with the best locally sourced ingredients. We then work with our onsite bakers and chefs across the businesses to bring these recipes to life.

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    As part of a Finance Team that manages over 1100 invoices a week, our Accounts Assistants are detail driven and keep our business moving. It’s a fast paced role in a unique business, liaising with suppliers at a range of scales, from established big businesses, to small start up farm based producers.

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    When our customers stop with us, we want them to feel like they’ve arrived somewhere, not anywhere. Our Creative Manager brings together our look and feel with a team of designers, who bring our cause and story to life though print and digital. They are the curators and guardians of our brand identity.

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    Everything we do reflects our beginnings on our family farm in Orton. Our Farm Manager is out in all weathers, looking after our 1650 strong flock of sheep and 170 cattle which supply our Farmshops and Kitchens. Our Farm Team are the guardians of our land too, maintaining it for future generations, keeping traditional skills alive.

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    Working together, willing and well is the Westmorland way. Our Learning and Development Manager leads on new initiatives that give our colleagues the ongoing skills they need to excel in their roles, creating career development opportunities at all levels of the business.

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    If it feels different here, it’s because we are. Our Visual Merchandiser help us tell our unique story on site, reflected through creative displays and seasonal theming. We share our expertise too, with volunteering days supporting our local community.

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    With such a diverse group of businesses, there's a multitude of tech systems that keep Westmorland running, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our IT team look after our servers, data warehousing, tills and more, managing a system that handles approx. 175,000 transactions a week.

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