Helen, Cinema Manager

Helen, Cinema Manager

“What I love about my job is the people that I work with, I find there’s always a lot of energy and drive to move forward in the business, particularly with the team I work with in the Rheged office.”

“I had a look on the Westmorland website, and found the Events Manager maternity cover job on initially. I’ve since specialised in the cinema side of our programme.

Every day is totally different which I really like. I check in with different departments to make sure they are prepared and excited for upcoming cinema events, I research and book new films which is really fun to do, keeping a close eye on what has been, really focusing on analysis to make sure that we’re putting the right things on in the cinema for people. I do get involved in some of the projecting and technical stuff in the cinema too alongside our projectionist Graeme.

I host some of the big events we have, some of the outdoor lectures, outdoor films events for example. On those evenings I’ll be front of house, chatting with customers, doing some observation, seeing who's there, finding out what people want to see on our cinema, which is always really nice to speak to people . I’ll help show customers to their seats, helping with projection, making sure everything's set up as it needs to be, making sure that other departments are happy and fully staffed and that everything's running smoothing, So there’s an element of my role that's running events, but part of my role as well is the behind the scenes, booking films, fitting things in to place so the schedule runs smoothly.

Rheged is a really cool place to work, not only is it a really cool building, but it's full of really nice people. Everybody gets on, it's really nice to come in and see smiling faces. It's really great that we get our lunch for free as well, which is an added bonus really, to a place that's already a really nice place to work. I also absolutely love working in the cinema, and I’m really interested in looking at new content that we haven't shown before, trying to attract new people to come to Rheged,

What I think is really fun at Rheged, you can come in, be a Cinema Manager for example, but you've got loads of opportunities to experience different departments, see how other areas work. It's quite often that in the Cinema I’ll put on big events around films, and it’s really great - colleagues from retail, colleagues form catering all get involved in helping create these big events, whether designing a backdrop, or getting dressed up, or delivering some workshops. I think you've really got an opportunity to showcase yourself and your skills. We’re always looking for people who can do that.”