Lucy, Team Member, Production Kitchen

Lucy, Team Member, Production Kitchen

“There’s good work life balance. When your kids are young you want to see your kids grow up. I’m getting a chance to do that working here.”

“We do all the production side of the food, making all the dishes before they get sent out to the finishing kitchen at our Northbound and Southbound sites. 

I live in Kingsway about 5 mins away, I drive in, I just jump on the motorway and come in, get changed and head to the kitchen. We have a production sheet, it’s written on the production sheet what needs doing and how many batches making of each product. We make sure everything’s prepared, working to a timescale or order. Our storeperson will tell us what he needs on his orders.

A lot of the guys start at 6, but I start at 8, so I tie up loose ends in the afternoon so it's very helpful, so I look at the list and see what needs doing, and I start making it. We've got a file in the Kitchen with all the recipes, so we just follow those. I quite like making the lasagne and the pie fillings - the lasagna’s really popular.

Everyone gets on well together, there’s banter in the Kitchen, it's not all serious, we’re hidden away a little. I enjoy it, I like the hours and I think work is what you make it.”