Marc, Kitchen Team Leader

Marc, Kitchen Team Leader

When I first started, I thought oh it’s just working in a service station, but its not, it's a heck of a lot more than a service station, it really is. The way everything's local, the meat’s off our own farm, everything’s locally sourced, it’s just brilliant, it really is.”

“I’d had a heart attack, I wanted something new. I’d been in the catering trade for a long time, I wanted something a little bit different, not doing the 90 hours a week and things like that. I saw something pop up, and I thought I wouldn't get it but I got it, came in as a Duty Chef and worked my way up to Team Leader. I enjoy it, I really do.

In the morning, I come in at 7 o'clock, quarter to 7, get everything ready for the breakfast service, set up the hot plate, then get the water baths filled up ready for the lunch time service, start prepping the lasagnas, steak pies, anything that needs doing really. Then i will be organising the guys, telling them what jobs they need to be doing throughout the day, checking the orders, checking the front of house staff are doing their temperatures checks and doing regular food quality checks. 

It's a fun job. I just love it, I like it when it's busy, its a team, everyone works together, which is really good. I try and tell people the good things about Tebay, it is a good company, they look after you. Nothing’s too much. My son’s just had a stroke, they've done everything they can to help me out, any time off I need and everything, yeah really good. I wake up in the morning looking forward to go to work, I really do, I love it.

My favourite part of my job is teaching the new guys, I enjoy it. Sometimes if we are short in the kitchen I get the team members to help out, it keeps them interested and motivated and changes their routine and helps them develop.

My friends have actually come up, and they can't believe what its like here or I speak to people I know who have been here and they say ‘oh yeah we stop there, best breakfast around’, ‘we'll stop there, it's brilliant, proper food’. You get a few people saying ‘oh it's a bit pricey isn’t it’ well you pay for quality don’t you, it is quality food, I’ve eaten everything on there, and there's not one thing on there that's not worth the money.

People I used to work with, old bosses, keep saying to me do you want to come back, but why would I, I’ve got the perfect job, I love it, absolutely love the job. I think anyone who comes here would love working here.”